SGI Presents on Climate Initiatives at ECOS Community Call

In Environment and Climate Justice by SGI OUNA

On 10 March, Alexandra Goossens-Ishii and Hayato Yamashita of SGI presented at the Education, Communication & Outreach Stakeholders Community (ECOS) community call. These community calls have been an opportunity for ECOS members to collaborate and enhance climate change education, communication, and outreach.

During the community call, Goossens-Ishii and Yamashita presented an overview of SGI’s engagement with the UN and some of their recent climate initiatives and awareness-raising tools and resources. This included the Mapting app for tracking actions to support the SDGs, and the recently launched Seeds of Hope & Action: Making the SDGs a Reality exhibition, co-created with Earth Charter International.

ECOS, formed in 2016 and officially recognized by the UN Climate Change Secretariat, supports effective and innovative efforts to build the capacity of individuals, communities, and organizations (both non-government and government) to make informed climate decisions.

Watch the recording of the presentation.