United Nations 2018 report "The Missing Peace: Independent Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security"

Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security Published

In Peace and Disarmament by SGI OUNA

On 21 March 2018, a new report titled “The Missing Peace: Independent Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security” was published in the 6 official languages of the UN. This study was mandated by the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security adopted in December 2015, which requested the UN Secretary-General “to carry out a Progress Study on the youth’s positive contribution to peace processes and conflict resolution.” SCR 2250 is the first resolution fully dedicated to the important and positive role young women and men play in the maintenance and promotion of international peace and security.

The Progress Study was developed through a participatory research process, including face-to-face discussions with a total of 4,230 young people, as well as research conducted in 27 countries, surveys and mapping exercises. SGI submitted two reports (one on youth and nuclear disarmament and the other on disaster recovery as part of peacebuilding) in contribution to the Study.

An Open Debate of the Security Council on Youth, Peace and Security is being organized under the Presidency of Peru on 23 April 2018. A full version of the Study (including detailed information about the research process and a full reference list) will be published by July 2018.