Project: Young Women’s Stories—Fostering Leadership

Leadership belongs to everyone and is a self-motivated process to bring forth our full human potential. We have brought together a collection of stories of leadership by young women from around the world. Please continue to check back as we add new stories.

Jovana Mijatović


I Finally Learned to Listen to Myself

In a world full of material things, it’s not always easy to have faith in dreams which may not guarantee financial security….I used to be a person who was always waiting for something, doing jobs like a robot and without initiative.

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Hsih-Yin Tan


Becoming a Humanistic Researcher

Leaders are like researchers or scientists; they try different techniques to learn what will work and what will fail.…In my own experience, I have seen the connection between being a leader and being an excellent researcher firsthand.

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Sanghamitra Dubey


How Experiencing Poverty Led to Compassion and Activism

My family and I have always struggled. Whether it was attaining an education, finding a good job, or establishing a career, nothing has been easy for us.… Though financial poverty was our struggle, spiritually, we were rich.

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Eyrún Osk Jonsdottir


“When you are afraid to follow your dreams, help others.”

The best advice I ever received was from my mother... I’ve tried to make this a motto in my life, and it’s been a constant reminder to never give up on my life-long dream of becoming a writer.

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Jiye Choi

Republic of Korea

Building a Better Society through Media

After earning a degree in multimedia studies,
I started my career in broadcasting where I realized my life’s mission: to help build a better society through media.

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Rachel Mundus


Uprooting my Tree of Doubt

I was in first grade when I started to doubt my academic abilities, a seed that began to grow ... I remember often coming home from school in tears, thinking I wasn’t good enough to pursue my goal of working in dental healthcare.

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