SGI Office for UN Affairs, Hiro Sakurai of SGI presented SGI's work in the context of SDG 4 and Target 4.7 at the CoNGO regional meeting in Thailand

CoNGO Regional Committee in Asia-Pacific

In Sustainable Development by SGI OUNA

The Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the UN (CoNGO) convened the third annual meeting of the Regional Committee in Asia-Pacific (RCAP) at Siam University in Bangkok, Thailand from 29 to 30 May. With the theme of “The UN Sustainable Development Goals and Civil Society – National and Local Implementation and Follow-up,” CoNGO invited NGOs in the region to present and discuss substantive on-the-ground experiences in advocating and implementing the six SDGs up for review at the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) this year.

A total of nine organizations made presentations on their work. Hiro Sakurai of SGI presented SGI’s work in the context of SDG 4 and Target 4.7 and highlighted the following characteristics of its work: 1) addressing almost all issue areas identified in Target 4.7; 2) developing multilingual and easy-to-understand tools for broad outreach; 3) employing an educational formula of “learn, reflect and empower” with the message that one person can make a difference; and 4) being led by youth, women and through intergenerational collaboration. The presentation was based on a paper titled “SGI’s contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the Asia-Pacific region in the context of SDG4 and Target 4.7”.

In addition, exhibition panels introducing the mobile app Mapting—co-produced by Earth Charter International and SGI—were displayed at the venue.