SGI-OUNA, Student Division of Soka Gakkai Japan conducting survey on nuclear abolition

Youth Engagement in Nuclear Disarmament: Rethinking Peace and Security

In Peace and Disarmament by SGI OUNA

An article by Anna Ikeda of SGI, “Youth Engagement in Nuclear Disarmament: Rethinking Peace and Security,” was published on the website of the Agency for Peacebuilding (AP), an Italian NGO whose mission is to promote conditions that can enable the resolution of conflict, reduce violence and contribute to a durable peace across Europe, its neighborhood and the world.

As part of its work in support of the Youth, Peace and Security agenda, as defined by UN Security Council Resolution 2250 (2015), this year AP has been publishing articles on the topic of “What works in promoting the participation of young people in peacebuilding.” The article explored how participation and agency of youth can be promoted in nuclear disarmament, drawing from the analysis conducted for a thematic paper on SGI’s initiatives for nuclear abolition, which was submitted to the UN in 2017 in contribution to the UN Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security.

Ikeda, who authored the article, reflects: 

“Nuclear disarmament might not be typically considered as part of peacebuilding, but the definition of peacebuilding adopted by the AP was very inclusive, as it views the aim of peacebuilding as addressing the root causes of conflicts and to prevent and mitigate all forms of violence. Connecting it to SGI’s approaches to disarmament – which focuses on challenging the perspectives and ideas that justify nuclear weapons – I found it fitting to discuss this issue for AP’s article series.”