SGI Office for UN Affairs Campaign to Stop Killer Robots global meeting in Berlin group photo

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots Global Meeting and CCW GGE

In Peace and Disarmamentby SGI OUNA

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots held its first global meeting in Berlin, Germany from 21 to 23 March, to shift gears and move the Campaign’s work to preemptively ban fully autonomous weapons to “the next level” and convince states to launch negotiations on a treaty. 

Following the global meeting, members of the Campaign attended the Group of Governmental Experts on Emerging Technologies in the Area of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (GGE), established by the High Contracting Parties of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW), at the UN Office in Geneva from 25 to 29 March. Representatives of SGI attended both meetings.

During the GGE, Hayley Ramsay-Jones and Anna Ikeda of SGI convened a briefing with representatives of the UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent (WGEPAD), which was holding its 24th session during the same week, under the theme of “Data for Racial Justice.” During the briefing, representatives of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots and the WGEPAD discussed the concern that if fully autonomous weapons were to be developed and used, the data and algorithms used in such weapons systems would have inherent bias on the grounds of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other factors. At the end of the week the WGEPAD delivered the draft report, which included some of the concerns on racial bias discussed in the briefing. Once finalized, the report will be submitted to the Human Rights Council and the UN General Assembly. 

SGI also organized a regional briefing with representatives of the Caribbean Community member states and informed them of the recent developments in the CCW and the overall goals of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.

SGI has been a member organization of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots since late 2018.