9th International Conference on Human Rights Education

In Human Rights Education by SGI OUNA

The 9th International Conference on Human Rights Education was held 26-29 November 2018 in Sydney, Australia, under the theme of “Unleashing the Full Potential of Civil Society.” Over 300 participants gathered from all over the world, including representatives from academia, civil society, trade unions, national human rights institutions and students, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  

At the conference, the exhibition titled: “Transforming lives: the power of Human Rights Education” co-organized by SGI, the NGO WG on HREL, HRE2020, the Platform of Member States with thanks to OHCHR was displayed in the main hall. Additionally, SGI organized a workshop titled: “Building inclusive societies: empowering youth to foster global citizenship through human rights education.” The workshop, using storytelling as a technique for empowerment and education, engaged young people to share how through human rights education they were able to steer their lives into a positive direction, and become fully-engaged actors in their communities.

Prior to the conference, Elisa Gazzotti of SGI contributed an opinion paper titled “Listen to the voices of youth – delivering on the expectations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?”, and it was published in the Equity and Diversity website of Western Sydney University.