SGI Office for UN Affairs, Rome-Assisi Conference on Spirituality & Sustainability, Hiro Sakurai of SGI speaks at workshop on non-formal education tools such as the Seeds of Hope exhibit

Spirituality and Sustainability Conference in Rome and Assisi

In Sustainable Development by SGI OUNA

The Rome-Assisi Conference on Spirituality & Sustainability was held from 24 May through 1 June. The programs included the lecture and dialogue with Cardinal Peter Turkson, discussions on the Earth Charter as a key contribution to global ethics, Sustainable Development Goals, and wisdom traditions of world religions and indigenous spiritualities. The SGI co-sponsored the conference and provided the exhibition panels from the Seeds of Hope: Visions of sustainability, steps toward change on display. Hiro Sakurai of SGI delivered a presentation on the Earth Charter and SGI’s engagement, introducing its non-formal education tools including the Seeds of Hope exhibit, a 30-minute film A Quiet Revolution and a mobile app Mapting.