International Conference on Human Rights Education

In Human Rights Education by SGI OUNA

Around 300 participants from all over the world gathered together for the 8th International Conference on Human Rights Education (30 November–3 December 2017, Montreal) and participated in plenaries and workshops featuring UN processes, good practices and latest tools in human rights education (HRE).

During the conference, SGI co-organized a workshop titled “Successes and challenges in promoting human rights education: Can the impact of educational tools in non-formal settings be measured?” with the International Organization for the Right to Education and Freedom (OIDEL). After a storytelling icebreaker with Nancy Flowers, a recipient of the HRE USA Lifetime Achievement Award and presentations by Kristi Rudelius Palmer of the University of Minnesota and Barbara Weber of Amnesty International, the participants joined a small group discussion and shared their views and experiences, exploring the impact of non-formal education tools and how it can be measured. The importance of storytelling emerged continuously throughout discussions. SGI’s exhibition “Transforming Lives: The Power of Human Rights Education” was also displayed both in English and French at the Conference venue.